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Please see important information regarding your stay with Mansfield Apartments below. If you have any queries, please get in touch.


We know it can be hard to leave but we need to get the apartments ready for our next guests. If you vacate after 10am you will be charged $50.00AU per half hour.



There is no cooking allowed in any of our apartments - internally or externally. This includes not using your own portable cooking equipment. This also includes not using the toaster, microwave and kettle for anything other than the purposes outlined below. We will charge a cleaning fee of up to $550.00AU for any cooking in the apartments, other than what is outlined below. Please enjoy the many great eateries in Mansfield - you're on holiday, after all!


We supply the following facilities, for the following uses only.

  • Toaster - toasting bread.

  • Microwave - reheating ready-made foods. 

  • Kettle - boiling water.



Please leave the apartment neat and tidy with the dishes on the bench. If the apartment is left in a messy state, you may be charged a minimum cleaning fee of $100.00AU.



No smoking or vaping in the apartment, please. If you feel the need, you may smoke on the balcony or downstairs on the verandah - please be mindful of other guests. Please dispose of the butts responsibly. Should you smoke in the apartment you will be charged a $550.00AU cleaning fee.



Accidents happen. Please report any breakages or damage before you leave. If we need to charge for repairs and/or replacement this will be charged to your credit card.


As much as we love animals, we have a no pets policy due to our high cleaning standards. If you do have animals of any kind in our apartments, for any length of time, you will be charged a $550.00AU cleaning fee. Our apartments are strictly pet-free.

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